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hello. [05 Dec 2001|09:43am]
I've started another lj. self-portrait photolog, of sorts.

Just thought you should know...
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buh-bye [11 Oct 2001|06:03pm]
Obviously... Roxanne has been ignoring her livejournal. Not enough energy to take part in such a community... Not enough time. That's why I'm heading off into the sunset. I love you all, tata.

btw. (plug plug) I've taken a keen interest in my domain again. You can always see what I'm up to... at

Soon enough, I'll have archives up for my self-portraits... Many never seen before by my fellow LJ folks...
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[11 Sep 2001|12:51pm]
Ah well.. My mom called me from work this morning "OH MY GOD. TURN ON THE GODDAMN TV". It's scary really. Everyone on LJ has said just about all I could say.

Later in the morning, my best friend calls. Not just about the attacks. Yesterday an employee was fired from her place of work. Then today he comes in wielding a gun. Totally un-related to the attacks.... Luckily no one was hurt.

Despite all the havoc and chaos.. I'm still keeping my plans for tonight. I'll be heading up to San Francisco in an hour or so.

Hopefully no psychopaths will blow up the BART train and/or San Francisco.
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I want my own private jet. damnit. [14 Aug 2001|04:37pm]
The flight back to California was less than comfortable. Planes are already notorious for their lack of seat width and leg room. I just so happen to be the lucky bastard squeezed between my mother and an extremely overweight man.

Before take-off, my mother whispered to me that I should just move to another seat. We glanced around and found that it was a full flight. It also immediately hit me that there was no way in hell I could find someone nice enough to trade seats with me.

I spent the 5 hour plane ride in some sort of distorted fetal position. The guy sweated on me, almost stuck his ass in my face, and a strange musty odor seemed to surround him.

At one point during the flight... It crossed my mind that if the plane were to crash, how could I possibly escape the flaming wreckage. With the guy blocking the aisle, I pictured myself using my right arm, the only part of my body I could still feel, to pull my body up and over the seats.

I became religious upon the planes arrival to the SF airport. I thanked god that the flight was only 5 hours.. I skipped out of the airport and spun around with my arms out.

More to come...
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[13 Aug 2001|01:01pm]
I'm not dead, yet.

My mother get's a call one morning, sayin that her brother has passed away. Three hours late, my mother and I hop a plane to Florida.

Death, Bugs, Alligators, and Rednecks.

and not to mention no computer access period.

I'm now back in good 'ole California.

I also have a good feelin that my laptop may be back. I'm gonna go find out now....
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zoom i say! [26 Jul 2001|08:46pm]

Todd's birthday is coming up, what I was planning on getting him, did not work out. Leaving me with not a fucking clue on what to get him.

I still do not have a computer.

My hair color is now black.

I think I look incredibly sexy wearing white tube socks with them little stripes around the top. and nothing else......
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grumble. [21 Jul 2001|12:29pm]
my laptop is still somewhere between here and purgatory.

i attempted to dye my hair blood red.. my hair turned pink. as of this moment i look like a teen popstar.

i need a job, but i'm holdin on until i find out if i will be receiving a large sum money within the next few weeks. which i may get... if that happens, i'm cashing the check and running away.

i just need to think of where to go....
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roxanne's snatch an other stories... [11 Jul 2001|07:29pm]
Where the hell am I?

I'm right here...

About a month ago, my laptop monitor bites the dust. Since I purchased the damn thing from Kalani's brother, she spirits my laptop away to the middleof nowhere, so her brother canfix it. She leaves w/ me her laptop touse, until mine gets fixed.

Friday afternoon Kalani needs her laptop,she promises to return it the next morning. Inever hear from her again.

I'm left wondering where the hell my laptop is... somebody's laptop.. anyone's laptop.

I'm inmy brother's room typing this. It smells horrible... His keyoboard does not worth shit. Nospaces, wrong letters, extra letters.... What-have-you.

On ahappier note. I shaved off all my pubic hair today.... Baby smooth snatch, I now have.... It feels nice, wanna pet?

Heh, that also reminds me... I made a discovery of sorts after the removal of my pubs. I had forgotten about the modle/birthmark on my snatch....It looks rather nice. Ilike it...
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strange days [05 Jul 2001|11:00pm]
it did not matter how terribly i missed you.....

now did it?
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test test [02 Jul 2001|11:15pm]

this is a test from the emergency broadcast system. this is only a test. beeeeeeeeeeeep
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zzz [01 Jul 2001|12:13am]
i'm sleepy. i should get my laptop back tomorrow (the screen went out on it, it's been off getting fixed... blah blah blah)... which means i'll have all my software back, i can continue my photography, without worries of how the hell am i gonna transfer all the shit on the laptop i'm borrowing back to my laptop....

mmhmm. i love my new clothes....

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la la la [30 Jun 2001|11:37pm]
Bah. I'm still gonna describe my adventures over the past week.... I'll get around to it, really!

I went shopping in the city today w/ Todd.

I bought a red tracksuit type get up at Old Navy, a pair of red Puma "California" sneakers and two pairs of sunglasses.

The red sneakers and the track suit just look too cool together... mmhmm yeah.
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who's your daddy? [28 Jun 2001|10:20pm]
I never went back to work... I'm picking up my last paycheck tomorrow....

The last few days have been beyond thrilling... I'll babble about it later...

Oh yeah... I'm a rockstar....
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yawn. [27 Jun 2001|12:03am]
bah. after three days of absence, i will probably be returning to work tomorrow.

not that i want to and not because i need the money.

i'm just fed up with sitting around the house.

grr. pant. sigh.
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can you find the hidden message?? [25 Jun 2001|09:12pm]
i've gone so far and accomplished so much.

even with so much behind me, i still get in these crippling moods. i can not do anything nor feel anything.

bah bah bah.

i had hoped that if anything were to change about me, this would be the first to go.

i want to drive fast down the freeway with my eyes closed.

i can blame it on my job, my family, or other things..... but.... i possess the ability to handle so much. why does it all bother me now?

it's just me being me really. someone once told me that if one day i woke up with a permanent personality, i'd cease being roxanne. so uhh. yeah. i guess i'm fucked.

between just you and me...... personally, i blame it all on this feeling called love.
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[25 Jun 2001|10:33am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

bwuahaha. i'm quitting my job.

fuck them.

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Todd the poet. [24 Jun 2001|01:19am]

- the fox trots and eats the gummy dots

- but ahoy, the man is drinking the beer from the can!

- and i can see that roxanne doesn't have a tan, yet i still ate her fries cooked in oil from the pan

hahaha. chatting w/ Todd, is always a thrilling adventure.
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vroom! [24 Jun 2001|12:44am]

Later in the evening, Todd tried to teach me how to drive a stick. I failed miserably and probably looked like a total idiot....

I never got past first gear.
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[24 Jun 2001|12:36am]

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[24 Jun 2001|12:30am]

I love photographing Todd. I just wish he'd like me get away with it, more often. I always say that once I gather enough people to model for me, there will never be a photo taken of myself, again.

I started doing self portraits out of a lack of willing participants. Now, I think it's just an excuse I use to cover up my own vanity.

There is only so much I can do with self portraits. So many angles, so much cropping... I think it would be nice to model for another photographer. I also think it would be nice to photograph more people.

So umm. yeah.
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