malenky young devotchka (geesux) wrote,
malenky young devotchka

can you find the hidden message??

i've gone so far and accomplished so much.

even with so much behind me, i still get in these crippling moods. i can not do anything nor feel anything.

bah bah bah.

i had hoped that if anything were to change about me, this would be the first to go.

i want to drive fast down the freeway with my eyes closed.

i can blame it on my job, my family, or other things..... but.... i possess the ability to handle so much. why does it all bother me now?

it's just me being me really. someone once told me that if one day i woke up with a permanent personality, i'd cease being roxanne. so uhh. yeah. i guess i'm fucked.

between just you and me...... personally, i blame it all on this feeling called love.
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