malenky young devotchka (geesux) wrote,
malenky young devotchka

roxanne's snatch an other stories...

Where the hell am I?

I'm right here...

About a month ago, my laptop monitor bites the dust. Since I purchased the damn thing from Kalani's brother, she spirits my laptop away to the middleof nowhere, so her brother canfix it. She leaves w/ me her laptop touse, until mine gets fixed.

Friday afternoon Kalani needs her laptop,she promises to return it the next morning. Inever hear from her again.

I'm left wondering where the hell my laptop is... somebody's laptop.. anyone's laptop.

I'm inmy brother's room typing this. It smells horrible... His keyoboard does not worth shit. Nospaces, wrong letters, extra letters.... What-have-you.

On ahappier note. I shaved off all my pubic hair today.... Baby smooth snatch, I now have.... It feels nice, wanna pet?

Heh, that also reminds me... I made a discovery of sorts after the removal of my pubs. I had forgotten about the modle/birthmark on my snatch....It looks rather nice. Ilike it...
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