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Today..... [24 Jun 2001|12:20am]
I've never been much for writing about my daily events. Instead I take pictures....

No more shag for Todd! He cut his hair and dyed it black.

Todd thought it would be cool to try on one of my shirts. I admit it was funny, but the whole "help me I can not get this thing off", had me almost rolling on the floor.

That picture is just too sweet. It almost makes me sick.
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lo-budget jean ad, part 2 (nice pants) [23 Jun 2001|11:25am]

Click here to view the entire series.
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lo-budget jean ad (photo series) [23 Jun 2001|01:22am]

Taken tonight.... Click here to view the entire series.
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[22 Jun 2001|10:17pm]
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blue dress [22 Jun 2001|10:04pm]
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(grace) [22 Jun 2001|08:55pm]
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water baby [22 Jun 2001|08:49pm]
Today was Izzy's (Israel) first swim lesson...

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Israel [22 Jun 2001|08:47pm]
Israel is my sweetie, the love of my life, and my godson.

Click on the thumbnail, for a larger version...
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Todd [22 Jun 2001|08:42pm]
Todd is damn hot. He drives a golf.... He's the hippest guy I know...

Click on a thumbnail to view a larger image.
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woohoo! [22 Jun 2001|08:37pm]
Today, I finally got my digital camera working again.... Thus the next few posts =D
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[19 Jun 2001|08:51pm]

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it's hot... i'm tired.... bah.... [17 Jun 2001|05:31pm]
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big boots. [16 Jun 2001|06:23pm]

i love knee high boots, i guess that's why i own 5 pairs. =P

(it's the inner goth bitch)
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bah bah black sheep. [16 Jun 2001|06:21pm]
the next two photos are ones belonging to series that i posted previously. can you match the photos?

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boots. [16 Jun 2001|03:51pm]

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part 2 [15 Jun 2001|07:51pm]
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part 1 [15 Jun 2001|07:50pm]
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I've accomplished something today!!! :gasp: [15 Jun 2001|03:07pm]
i finally got the ball rolling of my (until now) top secret project.

i'm not jesus

what the hell is i'm not jesus? it's the one stop shop for Jarvis Cocker desktop wallpapers. i still do not have all the wallpapers up... but visit it... submit a wallpaper. love it!

i know for a fact that a large portion of the folks on my friends list, are pulp fans. it's your duty to visit!
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random question... [14 Jun 2001|07:20pm]
am i posting too many images? is it getting annoying to those of you that have me on your friends list?

should i cool it?
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dancing around like a spazz to "common people"..... [14 Jun 2001|07:15pm]

jarvis cocker, on my tv. he he.
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